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Experience Profile

I am a commercial banker specialising in insolvency and with nearly thirty years experience in credit, portfolio risk management, lending and problem loans management, including more than 20 years as a development banker in the Asia-Pacific region.

I am also an experienced and internationally recognised writer and presenter of credit, lending and problem loans management training seminars, and an author of 3 books on problem loans and financial literacy. For more than 20 years, I have designed, written and presented a large number of training programs (listed in “Training Experience and Courses”). I have presented these in more than 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and in about 5 countries in the Middle East. It is increasingly apparent that the emerging markets of the Middle East & North Africa (‘MENA’) region and the Central Asian Republics are at a stage of development where they require financial markets training at the level that I have been presenting in the Asia-Pacific region.

I have a demonstrable track record of identifying and implementing recovery strategies for complex non-performing investments and loans in Australia and across Asia. I am experienced in conducting due diligence assignments, high-level problem resolution negotiations and team building in credit and portfolio risk management. I also have experience as a bank mediator for resolution of complex non-performing loan negotiations. I act as a mentor for less experienced finance sector professionals

Services Offered
Management of non-performing investments and loans in Asia-Pacific region
Consulting in development banking, corporate and commercial credit and risk management
Financial markets training programs
Non-executive director or Commissioner

Some Recent Examples of Assignments Performed

Acting Program Manager (relieving) South Asia Enterprise Development Facility, focussing on assisting banks in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan & North East India to enhance the flow of credit to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

- Stabilised team after 6 months with no Manager
- Introduced new SEDF TA strategies and programs in Bhutan & NEI
- Initiated a new micro-equity product in NEI
- Initiated a range of new cross-team financing products in Bangladesh & Bhutan, including bailment, project financing of dye plant effluent, lending secured by receivables & inventory and yarn wholesale syndication
- Drafted Anti-Money Laundering guidelines for SEDF

Wrote a credit manual for a non-conforming mortgage lender in Australia.

Wrote and presented a new financial analysis training programme target at emerging markets in Eastern & Central Europe. To date, versions of this course have been presented in Oman, UAE, Italy & Russia.

Prepared recommendations for Asian Development Bank and (UK) Department for International Development for (a) reducing Nepal SOEs contingent liabilities and (b) strengthening Nepal SOEs' reporting to Ministry of Finance. This is the latest assignment under the on-going programme for privatisation of SOEs in Nepal.

Wrote and presented a three-day seminar "Advanced Credit", presented on behalf of IFC and Banca Intesa to Nanjing City Commercial Bank (March 2004).

Conducted an evaluation of progress achieved by His Majesty's Government of Nepal in implementing a privatisation programme in Nepal, on behalf of Asian Development Bank and (UK) Department for International Development (refer ix. below) (February-March 2004).

Undertook a due diligence review of a bank in the Pacific for the South Pacific Project facility of International Finance Corporation (June 2003).

Developed, wrote and presented (6 times to date) a one-day introduction to credit program for staff of a major Australian bank.

Wrote the Corporate Finance module for a securities industry training program for the Hong Kong Securities Institute.

Consulted to Asian Development Bank on privatization of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Nepal. I was selected for this assignment specifically because a significant number of these SOEs will require extensive restructuring before they can be sold. This project was terminated in November 2002 following (a) civil unrest and other governance-related factors in Nepal, and (b) my recommendation for the strengthening of institutional capacity for privatization in Nepal.

Advised Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG) in negotiations leading to payout of problem loan in Indonesia.

Contractor and Team leader on AusAID project in PRC, developing credit manuals for, and strengthening prudential supervision of Rural Credit Cooperatives.

For more details refer to recent projects

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