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Some Recent Examples of Assignments Performed

African Development Bank

  •     Responsible for management of AfDB relationships with actual or potential non-performing loans and equities in Tunisia, South Africa, Senegal, Mali and Kenya
  •     Drafted procedure manuals for Special Operations and Portfolio Management
  •     Drafted terms of reference for internal task force and inter-lender group involved with very large regional electricity generator, distributor and retailer
  •     Undertook review of a range of other potentially non-performing loan and equity exposures

Development Bank of Southern Africa
Over two years, I very significantly improved the credit management process, including re-establishment of a Watch List process), strengthened credit analysis, automated significant parts of the ‘routine’ business of Portfolio Management, and, at the same time, managed a complex international problem loan.
I also was able to introduce three new lending approaches to DBSA, namely guarantees;  (the first such guarantee were issued before the end of July 2016); local currency matched borrowing/lending (the first transaction was anticipated to be completed before the end of 2016); and Islamic financing (I established a team to drive development of this product in association with the Islamic Development Bank).

South Asia Development Facility (‘SEDF’) Acting Program Manager (i.e. relieving manager for 6 months), Access to Finance, Dhaka, Bangladesh
SEDF’s role was to provide financial and professional support to private sector banks operating in the SME space in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and North-East India (‘NEI’). During that time, I was able to identify a range of new initiatives which supported the SME banking work, in particular of banks in Bangladesh, Bhutan and North-East India.
Specific achievements:

  1. Stabilised team after 6 months with no Manager
  2. Introduced new SEDF TA strategies and programs in Bhutan & NEI
  3. Initiated a new micro-equity product in NEI
  4. Initiated a range of new cross-team financing products in Bangladesh & Bhutan, including bailment, project financing of dye plant effluent, lending secured by receivables & inventory and yarn wholesale syndication
  1. Drafted Anti-Money Laundering guidelines for SEDF

Jakarta International Task force (‘JITF’)

JITF was a World Bank sponsored initiative to assist in the resolution of Indonesia's large portfolio of non-performing loans. I was able to achieve very substantial progress in the resolution of about 10 projects and facilitated the completion of negotiations on several projects.

Asian Development Bank
1.     Took control of 10 major non-performing investments located in countries such as Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Philippines, and either achieved a restructure, a settlement or a rescheduling, or achieved significant progress towards that goal
2.     Initiated and obtained approval for a major project to establish 'world best practice' in risk management of capital markets development portfolio (predominantly mutual funds and other collective investment vehicles)
3.     Implemented significant change, strengthening and improving of credit and risk management processes of the PSG portfolio, including establishing process of early and continuous consultation between Dealing Officers and Credit Unit on new projects
4.     Elected Director of a joint venture Bank in China (PRC) and achieved significant strengthening of corporate governance practices, including first audit committee of a Bank in PRC
5.     Made a number of presentations to Bank directors, management and staff on application of private sector problem loan management techniques to public sector non-performing loan projects

Andrew McRobert & Associates

Key consulting projects over the past twenty-seven years are summarised as follows:

  1. Completed 2 due diligence reviews of small Australian not for profit industry associations
  2. Consulted to Asian Development Bank on privatization of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Nepal. I was selected for this assignment specifically because a significant number of these SOEs will require extensive restructuring before they can be sold. This project was terminated in November 2002 following (a) civil unrest and other governance-related factors in Nepal, and (b) my recommendation for the strengthening of institutional capacity for privatization in Nepal.
  3. Advised Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG) in negotiations leading to payout of problem loan in Indonesia.
  4. Wrote a complete new Corporate & Commercial credit programme for the Malaysian Institute of Bankers (‘IBBM’)
  5. Converted an existing Standard & Poor’s programme ‘Bank Analysis’ for Asian application;
  6. Wrote the (successful) technical proposal for an EU project in Bangladesh – strengthening the training of SME bankers.
  7. Designed & created a portfolio of commercial credit case studies and assessment tasks for a major Australian bank
  8. Undertook a due diligence review of a private sector bank in the South Pacific and wrote a board paper/proposal for an ADB investment in the bank
  9. Consultant to Asian Development Bank on Private Sector Development Initiative Risk Participation Facility in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu & Samoa
  10. Advised a Singaporean investor on developing one or more budget hotels in Vietnam & China
  11. Wrote a credit manual for a non-conforming mortgage lender in Australia
  12. Undertook a due diligence review of a bank in the Pacific for the South Pacific Project facility of International Finance Corporation (June 2003)

Key training projects over the past twenty-seven years are summarised as follows:

  1. Developed and presented a 2-day credit and loan administration course for the OPEC Fund for International Development (‘OFID’).
  2. Developed and presented a 3-day SME banking course for Saudi-Hollandia Bank in Riyadh.
  3. Appointed facilitator for the “Fundamentals of Directorship” programme by the Australian institute of Company Directors (‘AICD’).
  4. Appointed facilitator for a short-form course in reading & understanding financial statements by Governance Institute of Australia (formerly Company Secretaries Australia).
  5. Developed a 5-day credit course for Crown Agents (UK) and presented it twice in Accra, Ghana.
  6. Converted an existing Risk Management Association programme ‘Building Small Business Loan Relationships’ for Australian application; and presented to a bank in Australia in August 2012.
  7. Converted an existing Standard & Poor’s programme ‘Developing a Corporate Credit Rationale” for Asian application; I ran the programme 9 times in Australia, Singapore & Hong Kong.
  8. Created and wrote a 1-day seminar to assist lawyers to read & understand financial statements, referred to in “Specific Skills and Experience”. I have run this seminar seven times for lawyers of one of Australia’s ‘big 4’ banks; I subsequently turned this into “Financial Literacy for Lawyers, Directors and Investors”, published by Thomson-Reuters.
  9. Created, wrote & presented a 3-day seminar for a bank in Indonesia: “Credit in the Indonesian Textile, Clothing & Footwear Sector”.
  10. Wrote the Corporate Finance module for a securities industry training program for the Hong Kong Securities Institute.
  11. Wrote and presented, as part of a Securities Institute of Australia (SIA) team, a complete securities industry training curriculum to the Stock Exchange of Sri Lanka, funded by the World Bank.
  12. In South Africa, the largest banking group described my "Advanced Corporate Credit" seminar as "probably the best of its kind in the world” and commissioned me to present it to their entire corporate banking group during 1994. The third largest banking group in the country also required an in-house presentation of the seminar to their corporate banking team.
  13. Principal trainer for the SIA in credit and financial analysis seminars for the public seminars division of the SIA. Designed, developed and chaired a major two-day seminar in Sydney entitled "From the public sector into the private sector", dealing with the issues involved in developing and implementing corporatisation and privatisation for public sector assets.

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