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Corporate collapse

An Early Warning System for Lenders, Investors and Suppliers by Andrew McRobert and Ronnie Hoffman.

"Managers and executives, bankers and accountants, lawyers and law-givers, directors and shareholders take note: all you need to know about how companies should not be run is to be found here, in this book"
John Argenti, author of the original Corporate Collapse, (published in 1978)

When a company shows signs of slipping towards trouble, the risk increases - not only for lenders and investors, but also for employees, suppliers and customers. And the early signs of trouble may not be easy to detect, particularly if management is determined to put on a brave face.

Corporate Collapse is far more than a series of early warning systems and danger signals. In addition it details a variety of possible remedial activities. It shows how to identify the causes and how to deal positively with the problems. At best it shows how a company - large, medium or small - may be saved and set on a path to recovery. At worst it shows how to reduce the risk of injury from flying debris when a complete or partial collapse is unavoidable.

Between them the two authors have world-wide experience, one as a banker and finance professional, the other as a business journalist, writer and broadcaster. Their suggested methods are based on a series of tried-and-tested approaches (devised twenty-five years ago by British expert John Argent now revised and updated to reflect the internationalism and instant communication of business today. The project was implemented with the co-operation of John Argenti who expressed his approval and wrote the foreword.

The book is not a detached academic observation of the scene. Instead it aims to be involved, accessible, practical and essentially a hands-on guide for those who must wrest a living from a commercial world which refuses to behave in a predictable and orderly fashion.


Following the structured and disciplined approach taken twenty-five years ago by John Argenti, Andrew McRobert and Ronnie Hoffman have joined forces creating new strategies to accommodate the present-day internationalisation of business and the same-day swiftness of its communication links and networks. Case studies and references have been drawn from Australasia, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America.

Andrew McRobert has spent twenty-five years in corporate banking, and, over the past ten years, has been repeatedly invited to present his successful training seminar 'Managing Problem Loans' through the Asia-Pacific region, in South Africa and in Europe. For three years, Mr. McRobert was head of risk management for the private sector group of the Asian Development Bank, and subsequently acted as a senior mediator for the Jakarta Initiative Task Force. He now acts as an independent financial consultant and seminar leader, with emphasis on the Asian corporate finance market.

Ronnie Hoffman spent two decades as a journalist, writer and broadcaster in Europe where he developed a special interest in business and finance. For the past ten years he has been based in Australia where he writes and produces information and training publications for industry and management.

"At last the magic combination of skills and experience provided by McRobert and Hoffman have yielded a worthy re-appraisal [of his book Corporate Collapse]". John Argenti

CORPORATE COLLAPSE is available by mail-order from Andrew McRobert.

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