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Micro finance & sme finance

On becoming one of the consultants for the AusAID Rural Credit Cooperative RCC) project, it quickly became apparent that the RCCs’ traditional lending business is micro-finance lending. During the course of the project, We were able to:

    1. Bring ourselves "up to speed" on techniques for micro-finance lending and credit administration.
    2. Blend "normal" and micro-finance credit management processes into the materials that we prepared for the draft RCC credit manual.
    3. Research micro-finance approaches and case histories in India, Pakistan and Indonesia, at the request of the RCC project team.
    4. Present, as part of the end-of-mission seminar in Nanjing (refer "recent projects" section of website) a 3-hour briefing on micro-finance approaches and case histories in India, Pakistan and Indonesia.


As relieving Program manager for South Asia Enterprise Development Facility, We were able to devise a modality for implementing a new micro-finance & micro-equity strategy for North-East India, based on a highly successful model pioneered in Indonesia.

Our SME Lending course (developed in 2006) had already been requested and presented in 5 countries in Asia and 2 countries in the MENA region. It is apparent that SME Finance is perceived as a crucial area for expansion in banks’ operations, and this course is has been specifically prepared in response to this need. It is available as an in-house and as a public course, in 2-day and 3-day versions.

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