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SME credit

Course objective

By the end of this course, participants will:

    1. How can banks make sure that the key differences between lending to SMEs and lending to larger corporates are reflected in their credit process;
    2. Designing a marketing programme, and a suite of credit products that are particularly suited to the SME market;
    3. How should banks apply the 5 Cs of credit to their analysis of SME borrowers;
    4. What specific issues should banks take into account in financial analysis of SME borrowers;
    5. Identifying suitable collateral to support SME loans;
    6. Issues in documenting SME loans;
    7. Documenting and settling SME loans;

Course duration
Two or three days, depending on clients’ needs

Andrew McRobert, or presenter trained by him. An abbreviated curriculum vitae of Andrew McRobert can be viewed here.

Course agenda
A copy of the 'standard' course agenda is attached herewith. The course has been designed in a series of modules. In respect of each country in which it is presented, a number of changes are made to the 'standard' model, in order to make it country specific:

    1. References to the current codes of corporate governance and ethics are changed to reflect the current position in the country;
    2. A version of the case exercises relevant to the country in question is substituted;

In addition, the course may be amended, if required, as follows:

    1. Substitution of case studies drawn from the financial institution's own portfolio;
    2. Inclusion of additional material on topics of particular interest to a specific financial institution; and
    3. Any other modifications that a client considers necessary.

Basic Course Agenda
SME Credit Agenda (MS Word Format)

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